News Release - April 16, 2004


Monitoring Call Center agents and employee’s desktop activity just got easier with the addition of “Screen Capture” technology to VoiceGate’s Remote Manager’s call center administrator’s console.

The Remote Manger is a powerful desktop utility that enables LAN or WAN remote access to VoiceGate’s server based Intelligent Line Tapping devices.

“Real time display of the agent’s telephone including: on-or-off hook status; whether or not the system is recording a particular conversation; set display information; Caller I.D; voice streaming; and comments entered by the agent regarding any conversation make up the Remote Manger’s existing feature set”
— says Kevin Brook, Director of Business Development - VoiceGate Corporation.
“Not only can they hear what the agent is saying, now they can see what is going on at the desktop!” says Brook.

The addition of the ability to capture and save screen shots, or just to get a snapshot of desktop displays, makes Remote Manager an incredibly powerful corporate tool for coaching staff and increasing security.

Designed to work with any WindowsTM based PC, and powered by an easy to use desktop interface, VoiceGates’s screen capture technology has been designed to retrieve, transmit, and display screen shots of any remote networked PC, over local; or, wide area networks.

VoiceGate envisions its new screen capture technology will soon become an indispensable tool for coaching, training, supervising, and assisting contact center employees to process calls more efficiently and professionally.

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