News Release - February 6, 2008

Microsoft® Dynamics™ CRM 4.0 Users now can include Telephony and Call Recording features by adding ConversationPro™ from VoiceGate

ConversationPro is being introduced by VoiceGate, one of the Premier Sponsors of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Launch in North America which kicked off last week in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Toronto, Ontario, February 6, 2008. The world’s fastest growing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software offering just got better with VoiceGate’s ConversationPro.

ConversationPro is a “switch agnostic” telephony server providing the following advanced feature set for Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Dynamic Screen Launch
    Automatically populate and launch the CRM console with caller contact information.
  • Call Recording Store and Forward
    Record conversations, retrieve and disseminate by e-mail.
  • Live Call Monitoring (Networked)
    Listen to agent or employee conversations live through your desktop speakers.
  • Live Coaching
    Improve closing ratios using Live Call Monitoring and Instant Messaging.
  • Off Premise Live Monitoring
    Monitor agent’s conversations from any phone or cell phone, anywhere in the world.
  • Advanced Call Reporting
    Retrieve detailed reports on time spent on calls, who called and when they called.
  • Remote Screen Launch
    Remotely, from anywhere in the world, automatically populate CRM console.  

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 launch kicked off in Vancouver B.C., on January 30th, the first of a North American 28 city tour ending in Phoenix AZ on April 17th. 2008. VoiceGate, a premiere sponsor of this event, proudly unveiled its ConversationPro call processing server at this event.  

“Contact and call center agents now get a Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM screen launch populated with the caller contact information, along with a pre-announcement (text to speech) of who is calling before they can even pick up the phone” says Paul Perryman – President of the VoiceGate Division – “Using computer telephony integration allows us to not only provide advanced call detail reporting to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it also allows us to trigger call recording and save these call logs as voice documents.” He goes on to say “The twinning of these two products (Dynamics CRM and ConversationPro) delivers feature functionality unparalleled in this space – we have already started replacing competitive CRM systems that simply can’t deliver  based on screen launch or call record functionality, let alone the Microsoft CRM’s ease of use” - says Perryman.

VoiceGate envisions that its ConversationPro will become an invaluable plug in module to Microsoft Dynamics CRM providing advanced telephony enabling technology to an already robust contact and document management tool.

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