News Release - June 2, 2005

Live Networked Conversation Streaming & Instant “Whisper” Messaging Unveiled at Nortel User Group Conference 2005

Come see us at Booth 108 INNUA’S Global Connect 2005

VoiceGate Corporation, a Nortel Development Partner and world leader in call recording/voice monitoring and call center coaching solutions, unveils its latest enhancements to its Intelligent Line Tapping suite of products at INNUA 2005.

Connecting “seamlessly” with Nortel’s Meridian Norstar, BCM and Option telephone systems, VoiceGate Corporation moves to drive down the costs of live coaching and monitoring in the Nortel call center and legacy environments.

“Live monitoring, or service observe, and ‘whisper messaging’ is currently not available across the entire Nortel legacy and new product offerings: and, on the systems it is available, it’s an expensive ‘key’ to turn on”- says Terry Running - President of The I Gen Group. - “VoiceGate’s new ability to allow supervisors to stream live audio, screen capture the agent’s desktop, send a desktop-to-desktop instant ‘whisper’ text message and then get a real-time ‘whispered’ response from the agent is a very powerful coaching and training feature. Until now, telephony based ‘group listen’, ‘service observe’ and ‘whisper messaging’ features allowed call center managers to monitor agent’s over their telephone and send a one way ‘whisper’ to the agent. They couldn’t interact with the agent in real time while they were still engaged in a conversation with a prospect or customer unless they put them on hold – these new features that allow for live; or, real-time bi-directional communication between agent and manager now make VoiceGate’s call logger/voice monitoring system a very, very, powerful coaching device” says Running.

VoiceGate envisions the addition of real-time networked agent conversation monitoring, screen capture and instant “whisper” text messaging to its call logging/monitoring systems will add much needed, affordable, functionality to Nortel Norstar/BCM and Option based call centers, while at the same time, driving down the cost of this capability on new installations.

VoiceGate Corporation plans to develop and release this new feature pack across most popular phone systems by the end of Q3, 2005.

About The I Gen Group
The I Gen Group is a national provider of extended pre-and-post installation support for the telecommunication industry’s leading brand products. Our outstanding team of seasoned Telecommunications Professionals has been carefully assembled to provide a one-shop-stop providing the best available training and on-call systems support available in the voice and data industry: the I Gen Group’s commitment to our customers is to provide the premium service levels that are always promised but seldom delivered.

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About VoiceGate Corporation
VoiceGate Corporation, founded in 1978 is an innovative leader in the voice processing, call logging, and instant wireless messaging industry. VoiceGate is a privately owned Canadian corporation with its head office located in Markham, Ontario. It also has offices in the United States and India. Sold and supported worldwide, its powerful Integrated Communications Server family of products incorporates leading edge, standards-based modular system architecture and years of customer design input. Working with its partners (Bell Canada, Intel, and Nortel Networks*) to deliver “best in class” communication solutions, its products offerings cover virtually all messaging and call processing applications. From speech enabled voice automated attendants to integrated instant wireless messaging, call accounting, emergency preparedness dialing engines and voice logging, VoiceGate has a solution to fit the smallest SOHO application to the largest most complicated central office based installations. VoiceGate’s diverse customer base includes government, ISPs, education, military, medical, hospitality, public safety, utility, transportation, and thousands of small to mid sized business.

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