VoiceGate Voice Mail System VoiceGate Voice Mail is second to none for seamless integrations with most popular digital and analog business phone systems.
Avaya Meridian Option Merdian Norstar Notel SL1 Mitel
Meridian Option Series Meridian Norstar Nortel SL1 Mitel

VoiceGate's Digital phone emulations:

  • Avaya SYS 75/85/Definity G1, G2, G3 series: 7434 / 8434 digital display phone emulation
  • Meridian Norstar, Norstar ICS 0 x 32, Compact ICS: M 7310 phone emulation
  • Mitel SX series: COV (Superset 4 emulation) / Superset 420 (Mitel SX50 only) / 430 phone emulation
  • Nortel Meridian Option series: M 2616 phone emulation
  • Nortel SL1 (ST, XT) series: SL1 digit display phone emulation
  • Rolm CBX 8000 / 9000: RP 400 phone emulation
Avaya Legend Comdial NEC Nitsuko Panasonic
Avaya Legend Comdial NEC Nitsuko Panasonic
Samsung Seimens Toshiba Vodavi WINN
Samsung Siemens Toshiba Vodavi WINN

VoiceGate's Single Line/2500 set emulations:

  • Avaya: Partner II / Plus / ACS, Merlin Legend / Magix, SYS25, Definity Prologix
  • Comdial: Digitech / Impact, DXP, Unisyn, Executech 2000, Impression
  • Intertel: Premier ESP, GMX48, 2460
  • Isoetec: IDS, 228
  • Iwatsu: ZTD / ADIX
  • NEC: Electra Professional II, Mark II, 2000 IVS, Elite
  • Nitsuko: Onyx series, Alliance series, DS01, DS1000, DS 2000, Optima
  • Panasonic: KXT / KXTD series, DBS, HD, 624
  • Rolm: Redwood
  • Samsung: Prostar, DCS, Compact DCS
  • Siemens: 4080, Saturn I / II / III, Hicom 100 / 130 /150
  • Toshiba: DK series, Strata E series, Perception
  • Vodavi: Digital / Starplus series, DHS
  • WINN 36 / 100D /200D / 48CT 440CT
  • And most other leading phone systems!

Call VoiceGate's sales department (1-800-668-2387/905-508-0355)
for your phone system integration.

For full voice mail integration, your phone system must support:

  • End to End DTMF
  • Follow Along ID
  • Message Waiting Indicators
  • One station port for every voice mail port
  • Disconnect Supervision

(To ensure complete compatibility, check the software version on your phone system. It may need upgrading.)


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