Why VoiceGate?

From automated appointment reminders seamlessly integrated with Kiosk self check-in and patient management solutions; emergency preparedness / business continuity planning and code orange notification systems; follow-up surveys; nurse call alarm management and event notification; to our newly designed automated staff call-in module, VoiceGate is by far the leading provider of patient and staff-facing communication and workflow automation systems in the Canadian HealthCare industry.

With deployments in Ontario and throughout the United States, VoiceGate believes it is the best choice to consult with, design and execute a streamlined communication plan to deliver highest level of customer satisfaction and price / performance communication solutions available in the Canadian HealthCare industry. We back the aforementioned statement with our unique selling proposition:

  • 39 Year Old Canadian Based Company.
  • Premise, Managed and Outsourced (Hosted) Offerings.
  • Flexible Patient Interaction based on: Privacy Rules; Question and Answer Polling; and Managing Multiple Daily Appointments, etc.
  • Email, SMS, Fax, Pager and Voice Message Delivery Options.
  • Active / Active Offering for Surge Events (Blended Premise and Hosted Simultaneous Calling).
  • Over 7,000 systems Deployed World-Wide.

Additional Best Practice Solutions that can be supported by VoiceGate add-on modules may also include:

  • Emergency / Business Continuity Planning and Mass Message Notification.
  • Staff Call-In (Collective Bargaining Agreement Compliant).
  • Collection Reminders.
  • Call Recording.
  • Patient Follow - Up and Post Discharge Surveys.
  • Medication Reminders.
  • Patient / Resident Check In & Out.
  • Inbound & Outbound Customized Interactive Voice Response Applications.
  • Automated Employee Contact Information Updates.

VoiceGate – A Communications Pioneer

Over the years, VoiceGate has been recognized with the following industry firsts:

  • Meridian Norstar voice mail - Introduced in North America, Asia, India and the Middle East delivering regional-specific language and programming interfaces.
  • The TELESERVER - First PC based PCBX supporting Telephone, Voice / Fax Mail and Automated Attendant Functionality.
  • Card Caller Canada - First Long Distance Debit Card Issued in Canada.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Imbedded Call Recording.
  • e-Response Business Continuity Planning , Mass Messaging, Bi-Lingual Emergency Notification System - Designed for RCMP.

Some of our Past & Present Awards, Affiliations & Accreditations

  • Innovation Award – Ministry of Development, Economics and Trade.
  • Teleconnect Editor’s choice.
  • Nortel Developer Partner
  • Avaya Developer Partner
  • Best of Teleconnect CT Expo.
  • CTI Editor’s Choice.
  • Best of Communications Solutions Expo.
  • Microsoft ISV Gold Certified Developer.
  • ESRI Development Partner (Geo-Spatial Mapping).
  • Municipal Award - PRISM municipal geo-spatially mapped emergency preparedness and deployment portal - VoiceGate's Dialing Engine Provides the Call Progress and Calling Functionality.
  • Mitel Networks Partner Developer.
  • OACETT (a Provincial award from the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists – part of the PRISM emergency preparedness initiative) for an outstanding Technical Achievement Award.
  • Award from: Federal Public Safety Department, for Emergency Preparedness for a municipalit in Canada – part of the PRISM initiative.

Canadian Company and 100% Canadian Content

VoiceGate Corporation is a 34 year-old company with its head office located
in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

All design components of VoiceGate’s product portfolio, from the research and
planning, engineering, development, to assembly and support is performed
and carried out in Canada, by Canadians.

This unique selling feature gives our care-based customers confidence that
patient and personnel records are managed by Canadians and stay within our borders. The additional benefit to the facility in dealing with a Canadian company is that service and project delivery can be facilitated locally, delivering fast, hands on turn-around and guaranteed service level response times.

VoiceGate Professional Services

VoiceGate has an exemplary track record of ensuring our customers get the most out of their communication investment. Our Professional services team will work with your staff to conduct focus groups with all stake holders including:

  • Administration
  • IT
  • Privacy
  • Patients
  • Volunteer Groups
  • Unions

These focus groups are used to identify all touch-points in and outside the organization, how to strategize and get buy-in, on how to deliver the best messaging which will effectively become the “brand”; or, the patient and staff-facing voice of the HealthCare Facility, Region or Authority.

Our proven process is to start with all stake-holders and work with them to produce a discovery document which will form the basis for a well documented and detailed Scope of Work (SOW) for all projects.

Once the SOW is complete, duties, responsibilities and timelines are assigned and the execution and delivery phase begins.

During the execution and delivery phase, we continue to engage the focus groups and project stake-holders to participate in internal tests and refine the communication strategy, message “branding” and content delivery as deemed necessary.

Once deployed, our Professional Services team will continue to work with the project team to review feedback surveys and corresponding data to continue to evolve the messaging to continue to drive hard and soft dollar efficiencies from the VoiceGate solution.

Our Professional Services team’s mandate for every project is to deliver on-time, on-scope and on-budget.

Code Orange / Exposure Alerts

The VoiceGate Solution can be utilized to completely automate not only Code Orange tests; but also, Code Orange fan-out alerts. Alerts can be PIN protected and sent to personnel and the greater health-care network by administrative
hierarchy, skill set and physical location. Alerts can be sent to Phone, Cell, e-Mail, Fax, SMS and Pagers.

This allows the care-based organizations to pre-script, automate and
document their Code Orange preparedness plan; exercise tests; retrieve detailed reports on the unique responses; or, communication breakdowns from each called party in any particular message delivery campaign.

Automated Self-Updating Employee Database Validation

The VoiceGate can be put into a mode where it will call every name in its contact database (or a subset thereof) and confirm with the called party that the contact information on file is up-to-date and accurate. Contact information (contact numbers) can be updated using any touch-tone phone; or, by recording a message (to identify e-mail or address changes) on the system for the administrator detailing the changes they wish made in order to update their contact information - keeping it current and accurate, always.

This unique selling feature allows the Hospital to eliminate the requirement to issue e-mail blasts requesting updated contact information. In the unlikely event that these e-mails are responded to in a timely manner, an employee is then required to transcribe all changes. Putting the VoiceGate into verification mode, launches a campaign to stakeholders that calls and once answered says: “This is the Hospital calling, do you have a minute to update your contact information? Is your primary contact number “XXX-XXX-XXXX, press 1 to confirm, press 2 to change...” In the event there is a change to any one of thefive contact points (can be any combination of contact points totaling up to five of: telephone #, SMS, e-mail or pager) per contact, it will be automatically changed and updated on the system’s database.

Getting the Most of the Existing Personnel, Voice & Data Infrastructure’s Investment

We strongly suggest the VoiceGate server should utilize existing telephony resources during the facility’s off peak periods to deliver not only on-going cost savings; but also, the appointment and emergency notifications. To accomplish this, the VoiceGate telephony server would appear as an extension(s) to the existing PABX.

VoiceGate delivers total automation (no daily human intervention) of file transfer, delivery of out-bound calling notifications and corresponding reporting at the Hospital, Region or Authority, using either a batch file transfer; or, optionally, HL7 integration to Admissions, Discharge & Transfer (ADT) systems such as Meditech, McKesson, Cerner and Mosaiq platforms.

This seamless integration allows VoiceGate to work with the Hospital to configure the solution to specifically adhere to their unique infrastructure design, security, redundancy and quality standards.

VoiceGate’s servers and software are designed to open industry standards-based premium Intel hardware and Microsoft’s operating system; and therefore, are capable of accepting new technologies and functionality as they become needed, budgeted or available.

Optional Voice Casting Capability

When leveraging the Hospital’s communication infrastructure, the VoiceGate is capable of being put into a mode where it will call a group of contacts, identify it has contacted the correct person and deliver that person back to any call centre or telephone extension or number. This feature is critical for instances where patients or staff need to be “found” or contacted and given instructions in real time; or, simply want or need to talk to a live person.

This feature allows the Hospital to put the system into voice casting mode and invite and deliver employees into real-time conversations using this “find me” methodology (Staff Call-In). This feature is also useful should the Hospital wish to use the system to call patients: should they wish to re-schedule an appointment; or, talk live to a doctor or nurse, in real time - this can be facilitated by the VoiceGate Solution.

Stand-Alone Security (Non-Hosted)

VoiceGate can be installed as an enterprise-based, integrated, mass message notification system sitting behind the facility’s firewall. The benefit of this type of deployment is that all sensitive or restricted contact data stays in the possession and under the control of the Hospital at all times. This ensures controlled system access and the highest level of patient information security: from networked or internet connectivity, to restricting the ability to answer and process inbound calls, is as open or closed as each enterprise’s security procedures permit.

The enterprise-based VoiceGate is factory pre-set as a “locked-down”, secure server. Access permissions and connectivity are opened or granted only as deemed necessary by the Facility’s System Administrator. This should only be done after a careful evaluation of any PIA, TRA, HIPAA, PIPEDA security or vulnerability issues that may be raised; or, could occur as a result of opening up capability and permissions for remote access into the system.

This deployment option ensures not only the care-based facility can control access and administration as it sits behind, and is protected by the Hospital’s IT security; but also, provides the highest level of control and protection of Patient Health Records.

Optional Hosted / Enterprise-Based Blended (Active / Active) Solution

VoiceGate is unique in that it can offer a blended Canadian hosted and enterprise-based solution to its customers, delivering all the security a standalone system provides; however, should it be necessary, the organization can avail themselves of our secure, encrypted, hosted notification service to deal with surge, or extraordinary call-volume requirements.

For instance: Customers can keep mission critical plans and contact information on their enterprise-based system and “push” mass message announcements such as Code Orange and community quarantine alerts to the hosted solution when additional calling capacity is required in the short term.

This deployment option allows the Hospital to reduce the size, capacity and on-going expense of its enterprise-based solution. Having the comfort of knowing that should the need arise to notify stake-holders in a period of time that their enterprise system can’t facilitate, the hosted, ASP system standby is ready and available to supply the extra call capacity required to successfully help manage any given surge event.

Advanced, Hybrid Voice Delivery

VoiceGate’s new and advanced Hybrid Voice delivery is the combination of human voice with its life-like, Dynamic Data Insertion™ technology which utilizes synthesized speech to personalize messages by “speaking” the person’s name.

VoiceGate’s Hybrid Voice delivery technology is more intuitive than most systems that dial and simply "dump" messages without any personalization or messaging specific to the called party. The VoiceGate can also deliver “reminders” to patients by text messaging (SMS) and email; is capable of navigating automated attendants and detecting and leaving separate messages on voicemail and answering devices (privacy compliance); taking and delivering recorded messages (responses) from patients; conducting patient satisfaction and preparedness surveys; and even can be PIN protected.

This feature is very important to care-based facilities when delivering automated messaging to the aged. We have proven time and time again that our hybrid voice technology delivers the highest levels of message content “understanding” available when automating notifications; or, delivering appointment preparedness instructions to the sick or elderly.

A patient who is confused by instructions of when to arrive for an appointment; or, comes unprepared for an appointment, equals a missed appointment.

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