Alarm / Event Management System

VoiceGate Dynamic ServerVoiceGateDS
The VoiceGate Dynamic Server (DS)™ is a powerful Alarm / Event Management system that controls and tracks all critical and non critical events in any Retirement / Assisted Living, Long Term / Critical Care Facility.

VoiceGateDS™ Delivers Unparalleled Voice & Data Interconnectivity...

Management System

..In One Seamlessly Integrated Unified Communication & Reporting Solution.

The DS works to interconnect all new and existing data and communication infrastructure, delivering the most accurate reporting on every event that goes on in your facility, day and night, on time, every time. With low cost of ownership, the DS facilitates improved communications between residents, caregivers and administrators delivering:

Comprehensive Real Time on-and-off Site Reporting
Increased Staff Productivity
Improved Service and Response Times
Improved Resident and Staff Safety
Decreased Liability Exposure
Improved Resident Satisfaction
Increased Resident Retention
Faster Staff to Resident Responses
Streamlined Staff to Staff Communication
Improved Bottom Line

With fast, accurate notifications based on skill-set, day, hour, and day of week, management and administrators can track critical caregiver-to-patient interactions. This detailed, centralized, off-or-on-site reporting, allows for monitored improvement of patient safety, caregiver response times, workflow and increased resident / patient satisfaction. Retirement residences utilizing the VoiceGateDS middleware not only to monitor; but also, track workflow and response-times are now empowered to test, track and deliver the highest level of quality care and patient safety available in the industry.

Improved Site Workflow:
The DS is a workforce collaboration tool that streamlines and facilitates disparate technologies interoperability within a care-based residence, while at the same time, improving communication between your staff, residents and extended healthcare network (families, doctors, emergency centers). This improved communication (between mobile, informed caregivers), can be easily achieved by utilizing the VoiceGateDS to monitor and facilitate flexible nursing assignments and improved, unified communication between
mission critical devices and systems such as:

  • Pagers (Pocket and Off-Site)
  • Desk Telephones
  • Smart Phones (Bring Your Own Device-BYOD)
  • Wireless Telephones
  • Cellular Telephones
  • Other Public Network Telephones
  • Email Notification
  • Wandering Lockdown
  • PC Desktop
  • Hallway Monitoring Alarm & Scrolling Display Boards
  • Networks
  • PABX / Key Systems
  • Nurse Call (Active and Maintenance Monitoring)
  • SMS Notification
  • 911 Alerts
  • Off Hook Alerts

Improved Communications:
The VoiceGateDS is capable of allowing facilities to leverage their investment in its
existing voice and data infrastructure. This allows improved communication between all campus stakeholders by interconnecting and creating a seamless, unified communication interface to the different systems and to the people employed or living in a
facility. It can do this by delivering the following:

  • Rich content and critical resident data such as: patient affliction(s) and facial imaging for wandering applications.
  • Automated Medication Reminders (up to 5 a day).
  • Automated Resident Check-In-Out.
  • Bi-directional Voice Communication between resident and caregiver.
  • Recording Conversations between resident and caregiver.
  • Processing, Tracking and Managing Triggered Events.
  • Permissions Based Administrative Access to Reports.
  • Dynamic Staff Assignments.
  • Assignments by Shift (3 per day) and Day of Week (7 per week).
  • Escalation by Trigger (ie: Pendant / Smoke) to Target (ie: cell or wireless phone) with up to 5 escalations per trigger.
  • Unique Trigger / Target set up by room, time / day and caregiver.
  • Contact Closure / Open for Patient Wander Applications.

Additional Integrations:
Optionally upgrade your VoiceGateDS modularly and at anytime to support:

  • HVAC / Fire Alarm System Integration
  • CCTV Systems
  • Security / Door Access Control Systems
  • Patient Wandering Systems
  • Emergency Notification / Business Continuity Planning
  • Automated Staff Rostering
  • Call Accounting / Telephone Billing
  • Magnetic Locks

Integrate your Communication Services with the VoiceGateDS delivering:

  • Unparalleled Workflow Efficiency.
  • Increased Resident Safety.
  • Streamlined Communication.
  • Higher Occupancy Rates.
  • Improved Bottom Line.



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Integrate your Communication Services with the VoiceGateDS delivering:

• Unparalleled Workflow Efficiency.
• Increased Resident Safety.
• Streamlined Communication.
• Higher Occupancy Rates.
• Improved Bottom Line.

Protocols Supported:
• Caller ID
• Comp2
• Text to Speech