Intelligent Line Tapping Devices
Designed for the small office owner who occasionally needs to record a conversation and needs instant access to a copy of that conversation.
Homework / Absenteeism Notification System
This easy to use system is designed to keep teacher’s and parents in constant contact via e-mail, voice mail and outbound homework message notification.
The Emergency Response - Dialing Engine
A powerful emergency response outbound mass message delivery notification system designed to enhance communications between Agencies, Corporations, Organizations, Government, and their Communities. The Emergency Response ensures fast contact between Emergency Response, Public Relations and Safety Teams and their targeted or mandated contact groups.
Voice Boards - Assistive dialing
Intel Dialogic voice cards, voice boards, Voice boards and fax cards by Rhetorex and Pika technologies, and voice mail software and fax broadcasting software solutions.
No Contract Cell Phone Plans | Long Distance Phone Rate Comparison
Cheap long distance phone carriers; Cell phones; Calling cards; Cheap international long distance phone rates
Specialty Answering Service
Specialty Answering Service is a nationwide live telephone answering service and call center service provider. We answer for your company 24 hours a day and follow your instructions to handle your businesses calls. Our services range from virtual receptionist to call center service to answering service.
Bell is Canada's premiere communications company, powering Canada’s business sector with products and services backed by unparalleled performance, availability, security and service. Bell built, owns, and maintains the largest voice, data and wireless network in Canada, is the #1 voice and Internet service provider, and has the largest support team in the country. Canada’s businesses choose Bell to do more and make more.
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Live Sentinel
Live Sentinel is a new venture formed by seasoned industry executives from various industries including Voice over IP, building management, and contract manufacturing. One of the first moves was to acquire the assets of igeacare to get a jump start into the health care arena.
Loki Systems
LOKI Systems is committed to communicating with our clients, partners and team all of the exciting news and events. From press releases to trade shows and industry updates, your source of information and contacts for our company and Workforce Management Solutions will be regularly updated here.
We provide phone systems, collaboration and contact center solutions—in the cloud or on site—for more than 60 million users around the world.