News Release - June 22, 2004


Dialing Engine To Automatically Update Contact Lists

VoiceGate has chosen the 14th World Conference on Disaster Management to proudly introduce the “Contact Manager” as a module to be powered by its Dialing Engine.

The Dialing Engine is an affordable industrial grade predictive dialer designed and developed by VoiceGate’s award winning development team: it has been specifically engineered to call and deliver messages to any contact group or data base, no matter how large, and now has the added capability to automatically update its own contact lists.

“Keeping employee or first responder’s contact information up-to-date is a very
expensive, time consuming and difficult task for any organization to keep on top of ” says Bryan Minnes – VoiceGate’s Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Manager -“Using the dialing engine to automatically update contact phone numbers, e-mail and mailing addresses allow our customers to easily define the Dialing Engine’s quick return on investment”.

The Contact Manager module has been designed to keep dialing lists current with a minimum intrusion on the person it is calling, minimum interaction on the system administrator’s part, and maximum benefit going straight to an organization’s bottom line. Updating a list, or group of individual’s contact information, is as easy as clicking the associated icon. The Contact Manager then starts calling each individual’s contact number(s) within its database asking if they have time to update their particulars. If so, it reads off the person’s contact information prompting them to make changes if necessary; or, for confirmation the information in the system is correct – it’s that simple!

VoiceGate believes that the Contact Manager will prove to be an indispensable tool for Business, Industry and Government, enabling them to keep employee contact information current, and correct, while reducing the costs and time associated with doing so.

About the Dialing Engine
The Dialing Engine is a powerful outbound mass message delivery notification system designed to enhance communications between Agencies, Corporations, Organizations, Government, and their Communities. The Dialing Engine ensures fast and accurate contact between Emergency Response, Public Relations and Safety Teams and their targeted or mandated contact groups.

Capable of rapid out-bound calling campaigns of up to 10,000 different telephone numbers with multiple calling groups within the database, each with its own set of dialing rules, the Dialing Engine has been engineered to call all members of each group and deliver a pre-recorded voice; or, voice to e-mail message. If it is unable to deliver that message it will keep trying until its program tells it to stop, and each time it tries a delivery it logs the time, date and numbered attempt.

Scalable from 24 to 240 ports, this powerful Intel (R) based out-bound notification system has been developed by VoiceGate to provide fast, accurate manageable calling campaigns to thousands of telephone numbers, in a very short period of time.

About VoiceGate Corporation
VoiceGate Corporation, founded in 1978 is an innovative leader in the voice processing, call logging, and instant wireless messaging industry. VoiceGate is a privately owned Canadian Corporation with its head office located in Markham, Ontario. It also has offices in the United States and India. Sold and supported worldwide, its powerful Integrated Communications Server family of products incorporates leading edge, standards-based modular architecture, open platforms, and years of customer design input. Working with its partners to deliver “best in class” communications solutions, its product offerings cover virtually all messaging and call processing applications. From speech enabled voicemail to integrated instant wireless messaging, to call accounting, emergency preparedness dialing engines and voice logging, VoiceGate has a solution to fit the smallest SOHO application to the largest most complicated central office based installations. VoiceGate’s diverse customer base includes government, ISPs, education, military, public safety, utility, transportation, business industries and, medical emergency response.

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