News Release - March 2, 2005

VoiceGate’s Emergency Response Mass Message Notification System Now Speaks French


In a move to broaden market penetration of The Emergency Response an automated mass message delivery and business continuity planning system, VoiceGate has added a robust French Canadian text-to-speech engine to deliver system messages and database update information in Canada’s two official languages.

Targeted at the rapidly growing security, business continuity and emergency planning industries, The Emergency Response gives Security Planners a flexible, easy to use communication tool to pre-plan, load, test and ultimately execute, different emergency responses and scenarios.

“Current or up-to-date contact information is the basis for any business continuity or emergency management plan. Part of the challenge of any emergency or business continuity plan is keeping the contact names, numbers, mailing and e-mail addresses of security personnel current and up-to-date” says Bryan Minnes – VoiceGate’s Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity Project Manager. “The Emergency Response has the unique capability to automate the dialing, contacting and updating of first responder’s contact information; but, only in English to this point. One thing that rang loud and clear in the extensive series of focus groups VoiceGate has conducted with all levels of government in Canada, is they liked the idea of a Canadian made automated emergency telephone dialing system - especially one as affordable and easy to use as ours; however, for us to truly hit a home run, we needed it to support both official languages: adding a French text-to-speech engine is just the first phase” says Minnes. “The next step will be to add a French graphical user interface so Emergency Planners can programme the system in the language in which they have the most comfort: English or French”.

VoiceGate plans to include Spanish as a supported language interface as The Emergency Response becomes more widely used to automatically dial and collect updated contact information of employee and management teams within small and large organizations across North America. This current and up-to-date contact information can then be utilized to automatically update the workforce management databases of systems such as Wordbrain* or Peoplesoft*.

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