Voice Recorder

Take Control
Record: Archive: Improve: Applications:
Conversations - In-bound / Out-bound and internal

Phone System Data - Number dialed, Start/Stop time, Caller ID, and touch tone*

Comments - Additional information entered by Agent/Employee

Screens - Remotely capture any networked desktop image
Server- Store all data for up to three years

Desktop -Store individual conversations indefinitely

DVDR - Scheduled back up to DVD,CD or DAT

Floppy -
Save individual conversations CDdisk

E-Mail accounts - send the conversation to a colleague in WAV file format
Customer Satisfaction
Corporate Security
Customer Retention
Employee Productivity
The Bottom Line
bottom line
Call Centers
Order Desks
Customer Service Centers
Medical Clinics
Lawyer's Offices
Collection Agencies
Financial Institutions
Customer Service Centers
Training Desks
Customer Interactions
Intelligent Line Tapping




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