To Record or Not to Record

Question: Answer:
Do your customers place orders over the telephone? Yes / No
Do you have an in-house Call Centre? Yes / No
Has a dispute over what was said during a telephone conversation ever cost you money? Yes / No
At the end of a phone call, have you ever thought, "I wish I had a copy of that conversation? Yes / No
Is your organisation vulnerable from "he said/she said" disputes that could cost you valuable customers? Yes / No
Does your company have a need to reconcile telephone recorded conversation you orders or verbal quotes? Yes / No
Would having a database of archived phone conversations which re-create the entire history of a client be of value to you? Yes / No
Ever wish you could send a copy of a recorded conference call to all parties by email? Yes / No
Do you require a quality assurance tool to train new employees and screen capture their desktops? Yes / No
Do you need to monitor live calls in progress? Yes / No
If you currently record calls, imagine you could do away with the "tapes of the past" and have all calls saved in a secure, easily retrievable digital format. Would that benefit you? Yes / No

"If you answered 'Yes' to some of these questions, your business needs the

VoiceGate Intelligent Linetap.

VoiceGate's Intelligent Linetap Solutions improves communications, limits corporate liability, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction and retention levels.

You can rent, purchase, or lease a Call Logging / Recording solution from:

Rental $199.00 / Month
Lease $75.00 / Month Lease
Purchase $1995.00

What better way is there to protect your business for such a small investment?

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