Emergency Response Dialing System - Benefits

Features List:
Sort Data base by Department:
Sort Database by Section:
Sort Database by Name:
Sort Database by Job Function:
Notification to 5 individual contact numbers:
Notification to Pager:
Notification to e-mail:
Notification to Corporate e-mail:
Notification to Department Manager:
Notification to Section Manager:
Escalation to Alternate Contact:
Notification to Alternate Number:
Notification by time of day to home number:
Notification by time of day to pager:
Notification by time of day to office number:
Notification by time of day to mobile number:
Forced notification to all numbers for an individual contact:
Notification to extension within an office:
Notification to answering device:
Notification to wireless devices:
Notification to handheld devices:
Notification by geographically defined area:
Notification by area code (region):
User definable pass code for message notification:
Default pass code for message notification:
Pass code protected database content display (privacy act):
Forced long distance calling within a single area code:
Automatic long distance call identification:
Automated contact update:
Automated data base update:
User selectable language preference: (French and English):
Administrator selectable language preference
Administrator selectable GUI: (Graphical User Interface)
Bi-directional communication between administrator and called party: (Two-way Q & A)
Question and answer notification:
Password protected notification:
Roster Management and fulfillment notification:
Bi-lingual message generator: (French and English)
Deliver messages with a voice recording:
Deliver messages with a text to speech generator:
(Both French and English)
Deliver messages by text:
Deliver messages by WAV file:
Print contacts:
Print reports:
Multiple Administrators:
Flexible administrator access permissions:
Pass code protected administrator access permissions:
Group Access permissions lock:
System permissions lock:
Password to start emergency dialer:
Password to stop emergency dialer:
Password to abort a dialing campaign:
Password to start a specific group dialing campaign:
Password to stop a specific group dialing campaign:
Password to change a group name:
Password to change a group message:
Password to change a group message delivery scenario:
Password to change a group password:
Password to send group e-mail notification:
Password to send message in text to speech format:
Password to lock group delivery priority:
Password to change number of group contacts:
Password to access the Corporate Setup:
Password to access the user administrative setup:
Password to access the system settings:
Password to access the central database:
Password to access specific group settings:
Password to lock the start-dialing password:
Password to terminate the program:
Password to start the program:
Password to change a groups dialing window:
Password to change the system’s channel settings:
Password to access system reports:
Password to access phone rules:
Password to access ESRI settings:
Password to change Fan out specifications:
Define out dialing number for local calls:
Definable out dialing number for long distance calls:
Definable number of attempts to dial and get a positive contact:
Positive contact verification:
Definable time to wait to retry the same contact alternate number:
Voice Casting:
Deliver contact to an extension:
Deliver a contact to a hunt group:
Deliver a contact to an ACD: (Automated Call Distributor)
Deliver a contact to a telephone number:
Male/ Female text to speech options:
French GUI: (Graphical User Interface)
French text to speech:
English text to speech:
Definable time to wait to retry the same contact number:
French telephone user interface:
English telephone user interface:
Variable text to speech delivery speed:
Definable channel settings:
Definable alternate pager message display:
Definable alternate answering machine message:
Pre-recorded message archival: (Scalable)
Pre-defined sub groups: (Scalable)
Client networked access: (5) (Scalable)
Remote telephone keypad capable launch of dialing campaign:
Remote administrator’s access:
Definable invalid pass code message:
Real time display of channel activity:
Real time display of reports:
Real time display of called party’s responses:
Real time display of roster fulfillment activity:
Multiple message delivery scenarios:
Real time display of number of contacts in sub group:
Real time display of number of people contacted within a sub group:
Data base import utility: (up to 1.5 million contacts)
Data base export capability:
Help files:
Single button launch of any dialing campaign:
Scalable 2-120 simultaneous calls:
Microsoft O/S:
Intel based hardware:
Automated data base back up:
Scheduled data base back up:
ESRI connectivity: (ArcView Geo-spatial Mapping)
Geo-spatial dialing capability:
Change message during dialing campaign:
Change number of contacts during dialing campaign:
Meridian Norstar connectivity:
Avaya Definity connectivity:
POTS connectivity:
T1 Connectivity:
Meridian Option connectivity:
Simultaneous multi-group notification:
Scheduled delivery of message:
Message delivery priority:
SMS Messaging
Fax Delivery
LAN Based Client
Web based Client
SQL Server Data Base
Alternate Contact
Automated Roster Management


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