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Instant Wireless Messaging

The VeCall Retirement Emergency Communications Solution is reliable, affordable and scalable. It has been designed specifically to provide an advanced, Long Term / Assisted Care Emergency Notification System – today and into the future.

VeCall has been specifically designed to deliver:

Improved Resident Safety
Reduced Caregiver Response Times
Optimized Staffing Levels
Advanced, Accurate and Rapid Communication Between Caregivers And Administrator’s
Streamlined Workflow
Improved Bottom Line

VeCall Wireless Emergency Call System
VeCall, Wireless Emergency Call System is designed specifically to improve, track, streamline and deliver fast and accurate communications between patients and nurses; caregivers and residents; doctors, the rest of the staff and administrators.

VeCall integrates VoiceGate’s wireless devices to any facility’s current nurse call system and existing communication infrastructure, such as : PDA’s, pocket pagers, wireless phones (Aastra, Ascom, Engenius, Spectralink, etc), networked wallboards, digital visual signage (VISIX), telephone systems, desktops, e-mails, SMS, etc.

VeCall Wireless Emergency Call System works on its own dedicated 900 Mhz Spread spectrum network. These long-range repeaters are installed by plugging them into any 110 volt outlet: the coverage area is determined by facility’s unique communication requirements.

The repeaters have back up batteries which will run units in case of power failure and are continually monitored for a low charge state.

All VeCall wireless call point room devices install in minutes! No expensive in-wall wiring or external power is needed.


UL1069 System Integration
VoiceGate integrates with many UL1069 certified nurse call systems (Rauland, Telecor etc.) where regulatory requirements require this certification for Skilled Nursing facilities: VeCall can be added for little cost to these facilities, providing wireless freedom to residents and staff to all but those requiring the UL1069 certified nurse call system.

VeCall Wireless Call Point Room Devices
When any of these devices is activated, VeCall alerts the Caregivers assigned to respond to that particular call point based on time of day, up to five unique schedules per day and by day of week. All requests for assistance from an active Call Point must be responded to and cancelled at the place of origin. Once the alert is cancelled, a signal is sent to all other assigned staff
notifying them that the call for assistance has been addressed. The time the Call Point is
activated and the corresponding response time are stored in the VeCall system to be used for
reporting purposes.

Emergency and Staff Assist Station

The VeCall supports an optional Resident Check-In Module which tracks when residents have
activated the check-in station. If the resident does not activate the check-in call point by a certain time in the day, the VeCall produces an omissions report alerting the Caregivers or Administration of the residents who have not checked in that day.

Additionally, the VeCall Emergency Call System can also utilize in-room motion detectors as
resident check-in call points. The benefit to using motion as a check in call point is that it is
automatic: the resident does not have to remember to activate the check-in station. The VeCall solution supports motion detectors that will only detect a movement if created by an object over 150 LBS – ensuring false check-ins are eliminated by movement caused by drapes moving when the HVAC system comes on or perhaps by a pet.

The Staff Assist station can be added to the room to allow staff to notify other Caregivers,
Administration or Security that they require assistance.

The LED on the Resident Check In, Emergency or Staff Assist Station will produce a single flash and an audible “beep” confirming to the patient, or staff, the call for assistance has been made.

Bed / Chair Exit Station
Our Bed / Chair Exit Station monitors a pressure pad in a bed or on a chair / wheel chair. When a patient takes the pressure off of the pad, (they get up or fall) we will wait for 0-8 seconds before sending an alarm to reduce false alarms.

Caregivers will be alerted of the exit alarm, informing them who has triggered an exit condition alarm and when it was made, while at the same time, tracking the time of the alarm and time to respond to the alarm.

Our Exit Stations can produce an audible alarm and can also be powered by plugging them into a wall socket; or, ?battery operated and mobile to alert wheel chair exits.

High Powered Wireless Repeaters
Powerful, long range repeaters operating in the 900 Mhz spectrum install just by plugging them in to any 110 Volt outlet. The repeaters easily create a scalable spread spectrum network throughout any retirement, assisted living or long term care facility.

Coverage can be extended to common areas, outdoor recreation areas and even parking lots. The repeaters have back up batteries which will run the units in case of power failure and just like all of our products with batteries, the repeater’s backup batteries are continually monitored and will alarm in case they run low.

All devices within the facility alert our repeater network, which in turn allows VeCall to alert Caregivers and Administrators which device, where it is and who is looking for assistance.

Optional Wireless Room Devices

Environmental Monitoring
Leveraging VeCall to wirelessly monitor specific environmental conditions within a facility is a cost effective way to achieve a greater level of building automation that reduces the cost of monitoring ranges of environmental conditions in daily living and temperature sensitive storage areas. If the sensor detects an “out of range” condition, VeCall will automatically alert maintenance or support staff of the alarm to be attended to, potentially saving lost revenue in spoiled medication, vaccines and food; or, costly water damage due to leaks or overflows.

VeCall Wireless Emergency Call System provides comprehensive, flexible reporting capabilities. Out of the box reports are available in spreadsheet or graphical formats: all the reports can be set up to be automatically e-mailed to specific e-mail addresses.

Administrators can select easy to use drop down filters to create their own custom reports such as: resident, room, device, time window, shift, number of alarms per device, per time window; caregiver response time etc.

These custom reports can also be set up and generated on demand. For instance, a report could be set up to track and report every time the smoke alarm in room 105 has been activated over the last day, week or month.

Our easy to use, customizable and out of the box reports provide management, on-and-off site, a powerful tool to monitor staff response times as well as patient care requirements, allowing for a better management insight into the levels of care required and actually being delivered to residents. Having this data helps to deliver better management of staff, decreasing the cost of delivering high quality care, while improving resident’s and their family’s satisfaction of the level of care they are receiving, which leads to better resident retention levels.

VeCall Wireless Emergency Call System offers the best price/performance emergency health care notification solution in the resident emergency notification industry.
With the VeCall Wireless Emergency Call Solution, there is no cabling required to add our system to existing nurse call infrastructure: this is especially critical and economical when retrofitting older buildings; or, expanding an existing facility.

VoiceGate recognizes that hospitals, assisted living, independent living and acute care facilities are feeling the impact of the necessity to deliver safe, reliable and affordable patient care. This, combined with the additional challenges of limited staff and budgets, VoiceGate has delivered a “Best in Class”, affordable, converged, unified communications technology solution designed specifically to improve resident safety and intra-facility communications.

With the VeCall Solution, organizations can reduce the cost of delivering unparalleled, streamlined, communications and the highest quality care, with the added advantage of an improved bottom line.


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